Our Programs

Through our programs we actively promote the values of the Danquah Dombo Busia tradition. As a tradition we solemnly believe in the ability of free individuals to innovate. This innovation we know creates wealth, cooperation and interdependence. We also know that a wealthy property owing society with shared prosperity will demand more rights and freedoms. Conflict therefore is less likely as individuals identify common interest. This unwavering belief in the ability of the individual underpins the development of our programs as we seek to educate, inspire and nurture the next generation of leaders


DI Leadership Series

At the Danquah Institute we passionately believe in nurturing the next generation of leaders. The promotion of our values is inextricably linked with our ability to inspire the youth, students and young people across Ghana and the African continent. This program seeks to connect exceptional leaders particularly in Africa and across the globe who have inspired, transformed and changed the Africa continent through the values of individual liberty, rule of law, Multiparty democracy and free enterprise. By sharing their stories of how these values underpinned and influenced their success, the next generation of leaders can learn as they navigate and chart their own path to leadership across the continent.


DI Brief

This program is a platform for young, innovative and outstanding leaders in government, academia and business who believe in and espouse the values of the Danquah Dombo Busia tradition to share thier work with the Institute. It seeks to highlight thier achievement, emphasise how they achieved success and how this reinforces our belief that the ability of free people to think and innovate is fundamental to social and economic development in Africa and the globe.


DI Inspires

This program enables successful leaders from politics, business, academia and industry to give back to society. It provides a platform for leaders to inspire and share ideas with talented individuals who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Training programs in leadership, entrepreneurship, information skills, arts and culture are provided. Our priority is to identify and nurture talent and ambition through our mentors who support, train, and guide individuals as they transform their lives.