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What we do

Public advocacy of ideas and philosophy of J.B. Danquah, particularly amongst Ghana’s youth.

The Danquah Institute regards itself as guardians and ambassadors of the political and economic thought known as liberalism and how its promotion must benefit Africa and the African as members of the greater global community. We seek through our work to advance Danquah’s beliefs in individual freedom, rule of law, multi-party democracy, liberal economics and equality of opportunity and ensure they inform the actions of the democratically-elected Government of Ghana and governments of other African states.

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Publication of research papers, seminar proceedings and a periodic journal, the DI Quarterly.

Seminal events

Organisation of seminal events to provide a forum to debate and evaluate policy prescriptions.


Networking with other like-minded think tanks and organisations across the African continent.


Research into governance, economic and media issues.


courageous, imaginative, constructive

Our intention is to make a courageous, imaginative, constructive and co-ordinated contribution to nation-building and Africa's development in general, with the purpose of enhancing the life of every individual citizen and, through this, the development of the Ghanaian, Ghana, the African and Africa.

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Ghana set to lose in excess of $2bn if MPS deal is not renegotiated

In 2015, the Board and Management of Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority (GPHA)took the decision to build another terminal ...

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Why Ghana’s new development paradigm is bold

Why Ghana's new development paradigm is bold ...

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The role of Chinese investment in an era of Ghana beyond aid

The role of Chinese investment in an era of Ghana beyond aid ...

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