The Danquah Institute congratulates the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for a well conducted and successful regional elections. As part of the Institute’s strategic objective of propagating the ideals of the Danquah Busia Dombo tradition, we note with great admiration another great step made in the strengthening of democracy within the Party. We wish to congratulate all successful candidates who have been chosen as leaders to govern the Party at the Regional level for the next four years. The trust exhibited in their ability to lead their respective regions was loudly conveyed by the delegates, and this is in accordance with Article 9 of the Party’s Constitution.

The NPP since its inception has positioned itself as a beacon of the Rule of Law and as ardent believers of all democratic processes. The Party believes that the electoral college system which allows delegates to elect leaders of the Party at the Constituency, Regional and National levels is potent and effective as other direct forms of democratic practices. A delegate is a card bearing member who is an officer of the Party at the Polling Station, Electoral Area, Constituency, Regional or National level and who has either been elected/selected or appointed by the Party’s constitutional process. Delegates are therefore to represent at all times the ideologies, tradition, beliefs and values of the Party imbibed in them. Their decisions which convey the will of the majority of the Party members aims at strengthening the democratic ideals of the Party.

Having followed keenly the elections in all the various regions, Danquah Institute notes that the successful conduct of these elections, though with a few hitches was not achieved in a vacuum. As such we commend Regional Ministers, the security services present, the Electoral Commission of Ghana at the Regional levels and the NPP National Executives, Members of Parliament, MMDCEs, Election Committees of the various Regions for their diligence and commitment to ensuring the smooth running of the events. We also commend the delegates on one side and aspirants and their supporters on the other side for the peaceful conduct of the elections. The just ended elections shows how the Party is poised by all standards to present a formidable front for the betterment of the great elephant family and the country at large.

We are positive that the continuing and, in some cases, new leadership brought about as a result of the just ended elections will positively impact on the Party’s strength and its growth as well as its resolve to break the eight-year political cycle that has characterized the 4th Republican dispensation. We therefore urge all that may be disgruntled to resort to the Party Constitution in the resolution of all disputes as well as concerns, without physical or verbal assault at the Party hierarchy and members generally. In effect, Regional leadership can come together to consolidate its gains and minimizes its losses. It also means care must be taken to ensure a representation of the diverse interests in the additional leadership soon to be appointed to fully establish Regional teams. Decisions made must seek to build consensus and to emulate the right ideals which have always governed the Party. We look forward to the upcoming election of National leaders for the NPP.