The Danquah Institute congratulates the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for a well-coordinated and successful national election. As custodians and forbearers of the ideals of the Danquah Busia Dombo tradition, we express our profound appreciation to all Aspirants for the display of commitment to the ideals we hold so dear. The NPP has always proven to be a Party that leads in the deepening of democracy.

The thrust of NPP internal politics has always been to reflect the desire of the ordinary people at all levels. The expansion of the Electoral College has been a step in the right direction, allowing a greater majority to have a say in who leads the Party. This is the bedrock of democracy and the NPP, we believe, will continue to champion such convictions at the constituency, regional and national levels. We implore our distinguished delegates to continue to uphold these ideals and reinforce the spirit of patriotism in all their dealings both within and outside the Party.

As part of Danquah Institute’s routine monitoring of the electoral processes, we note that the successful conduct of the national officers’ elections was not just a mere coincidence. We accordingly, commend the security services present, the Electoral Commission of Ghana, the NPP National Executives, Minsters of State, Members of Parliament, MMDCE’s and the national planning and election committees for their commitment towards the electoral process. We also commend Aspirants and their supporters for the peaceful interactions exhibited. The NPP has once again won the admiration of both the political and apolitical class of our dear country.

We trust that the new leadership will work with all who avail themselves for the Party’s common good. The utmost objective must be to build consensus and emulate the ideals that have always been the bedrock of our dear Party. We look forward to working with all Party faithful’s as we rise to build towards the 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections.