Wa, the capital of the Upper West Region has been in the news lately for a series of unexplained murders. These unexplained murders bring sad memories of the unexplained “ritual” killings that rocked Accra over 20 years ago and this has put residents of Wa in a state of constant fear. 

So far, there has been a reported number of eleven victims in the last five months and this brings a lot of issues up for discussion. 

First, the serial nature of these murders calls for our security agencies to devise modern approaches to uncovering perpetrators of crime. The police has arrested and started the prosecution of some 18 persons in connection to the unexplained murders. However, the use of advanced forensics in criminal investigations should be prioritized by the police to help solve the mystery as soon as possible and to protect the lives of people. 

Furthermore, residents of Wa as well as all citizens across the country should be very willing to share any information with the police. This includes reporting suspicious characters and their activities. In this regard, special commendation goes to the Ministry of National Security for starting the “See something, say something” awareness campaign. 

The quick resolution of these unexplained murders by the security agencies will help bring calmness and ease to the residents of Wa. It will also help assure Ghanaians that the security agencies are up to task to deal with any terrorist threat particularly considering the fact that Wa neighbors Burkina Faso where active terrorist cells operate. 


Author: Dr Issah Imoro